Learning Dexterity

Learning Dexterity – Source openai.com Watch Video We’ve trained a human-like robot hand to manipulate physical objects with unprecedented dexterity. Our system, called Dactyl, is trained entirely in simulation and […]

OpenAI Five Benchmark

OpenAI Five Benchmark – Source openai.com Time until the OpenAI Five Benchmark match: Watch the livestream | Request an in-person invite We’ve removed the most significant restrictions on OpenAI Five’s […]

OpenAI Five

OpenAI Five – Source openai.com Watch Video Our team of five neural networks, OpenAI Five, has started to defeat amateur human teams at Dota 2. While today we play with […]

Retro Contest: Results

Retro Contest: Results – Source openai.com The first run of our Retro Contest — exploring the development of algorithms that can generalize from previous experience — is now complete. Though […]

OpenAI Fellows—Fall 2018

OpenAI Fellows—Fall 2018 – Source openai.com We’re now accepting applications for the next cohort of OpenAI Fellows, a program which offers a compensated 6-month apprenticeship in AI research at OpenAI. […]

Gym Retro

Gym Retro – Source openai.com We’re releasing the full version of Gym Retro, a platform for reinforcement learning research on games. This brings our publicly-released game count from around 70 […]

AI and Compute

AI and Compute – Source openai.com We’re releasing an analysis showing that since 2012, the amount of compute used in the largest AI training runs has been increasing exponentially with […]