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Accenture: How automation, augmentation and innovation will mean success in AI initiatives

According to a report from Accenture, artificial intelligence is forecast to double economic growth by 2035. The opportunity is...

Jun 18 · 4 min read >

Adobe has trained an AI to detect photoshopped images

Adobe has trained an AI to detect when images have been photoshopped which could help in the fight against...

Jun 17 · 1 min read >

‘Power shift’ needed to improve gender balance in energy research

Women still face significant barriers in forging successful and influential careers in UK energy research, a new high-level report...

Jun 16 · 4 sec read >

Using waves to move droplets

Using a technique called mechanowetting, researchers have come up with a way of transporting droplets by using transverse surface...

Jun 16 · 4 sec read >

Electron (or ‘hole’) pairs may survive effort to kill superconductivity

The emergence of unusual metallic state supports the role of ‘charge stripes’ in the formation of charge-carrier pairs essential...

Jun 16 · 5 sec read >

Beyond Queen’s stomp-stomp-clap: Concerts and computer science converge in new research

New research suggests how to get large numbers of people engaged in participating during a live performance like a...

Jun 16 · 7 sec read >

Artificial nose identifies malignant tissue in brain tumours during surgery

An artificial nose developed in Finland helps neurosurgeons to identify cancerous tissue during surgery and enables the more precise...

Jun 16 · 4 sec read > is shutting down, consolidating with parent company GameStop

Geek culture retailer ThinkGeek is shutting down its online store, consolidating its product lines with parent company GameStop.

Jun 15 · 3 sec read >

GPS outage could cost $1 billion per day, study finds

A state-sponsored study into the use of GPS in the US can answer that question. In the first day,...

Jun 15 · 10 sec read >

The first USB4-supported devices could arrive in late 2020

Back in March, we reported on the announcement of USB4: an upcoming USB standard based on Thunderbolt. It’s set...

Jun 14 · 7 sec read >