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Jonathan Bowl, Hitachi Vantara: On the changing face – and pace – of big data

We have all heard the ‘data is the new oil’ aside, usually elicited by someone who honestly believes you’re...

Jul 19 · 3 min read >

Musk wants to link human brains with machines to ‘stop the AI apocalypse’

Elon Musk’s ambitious Neuralink project to link human brains with machines is part of the entrepreneur’s crusade to “stop...

Jul 18 · 1 min read >

Could the heat of the Earth’s crust become the ultimate energy source?

Scientists have developed a very stable battery cell that can directly convert heat into electricity, thus finally providing a...

Jul 18 · 6 sec read >

A graphene superconductor that plays more than one tune

Researchers have developed a graphene device that’s thinner than a human hair but has a depth of special traits....

Jul 18 · 12 sec read >

Review evaluates how AI could boost the success of clinical trials

Researchers examined how artificial intelligence (AI) could affect drug development in the coming decade.

Jul 18 · 3 sec read >

First-ever visualizations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure

Scientists have visualized the electronic structure in a microelectronic device for the first time, opening up opportunities for finely-tuned...

Jul 18 · 4 sec read >

DNA origami joins forces with molecular motors to build nanoscale machines

For decades, researchers have chased ways to study biological machines. Every mechanical movement — from contracting a muscle to...

Jul 18 · 16 sec read >

Netflix Q2 reports first major loss of US subscribers

Netflix is going to need more original hits like Stranger Things if it wants to gain (and retain) subscribers...

Jul 18 · 10 sec read >

A live-action Warhammer 40,000 TV show is being developed

The company has announced it is teaming up with Big Light Productions to create Eisenhorn, which will follow Inquisitor...

Jul 18 · 10 sec read >

An exploit shows your Bluetooth-connected mobile devices are vulnerable to tracking

Boston University engineers have just come out with an extensive analysis on how the Bluetooth implementation on a number...

Jul 18 · 10 sec read >