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Ruby on Rails 6.0 adds rich text capabilities

Ruby on Rails 6.0, the latest version of the veteran web application framework, has improvements for composing rich text...

Aug 22 · 29 sec read >

Google abandons dessert-themed names for Android

Why now, you ask?

Aug 22 · 0 sec read >

Huawei: there will be no HarmonyOS phones this year

At the start of the month, Huawei unveiled what most people already knew: it had long been working on...

Aug 22 · 10 sec read >

Internet scam data shows which states had most victims and lost most money

CenturyLinkQuote examined the FBI’s annual report based on the Internet Crime Complaint Center to discover the number of victims...

Aug 22 · 10 sec read >

Samsung’s official Giphy page puts out weird comeback GIFs to send to your iMessage buddies

Samsung produces industry leading hardware and in the smartphone market its OLED displays are second to none. But when...

Aug 22 · 10 sec read >

The Xbox 360 just got another update, almost 14 years after launch

According to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 support page, the latest update for the console brings “minor bug fixes and improvements.”...

Aug 22 · 7 sec read >

Google’s Play Store gets a visual refresh

The Google Play Store is actively used by over two billion users in a month and with its latest...

Aug 22 · 9 sec read >

How 3D Game Rendering Works, A Deeper Dive: Rasterization and Ray Tracing

In this second part of our deeper look at 3D game rendering, we’ll be focusing what happens to the...

Aug 22 · 10 sec read >

Chicago police will test Samsung’s in-vehicle version of DeX

To recap, DeX allows Galaxy owners to connect their handsets to a monitor or TV, allowing the use of...

Aug 22 · 7 sec read >

10 Splunk alternatives for log analysis

Quick! Name a log analysis service. If the first word that popped out of your mouth was “Splunk,” you’re...

Aug 22 · 7 sec read >