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Tech-saavy people more likely to trust digital doctors

Would you trust a robot to diagnose your cancer? According to new research, people with high confidence in machine...

May 12 · 8 sec read >

Believing machines can out-do people may fuel acceptance of self-driving cars

In order for self-driving cars to hit the streets, more people may need to concede that machines can outperform...

May 12 · 6 sec read >

Better microring sensors for optical applications

Tweaking the design of microring sensors enhances their sensitivity without adding more implementation complexity.

May 12 · 3 sec read >

Wi-Fi location affects online privacy behavior

Does sitting in a coffee shop versus at home influence a person’s willingness to disclose private information online? Does...

May 12 · 12 sec read >

New efficient way to engineer nanostructures mimicking natural immune response complexes

Scientists yield novel method to engineer large multi-antibody-like nanostructures using DNA nanotechnology. The results demonstrate the potential for assembly...

May 12 · 6 sec read >

Monster Hunter World is free to play on PlayStation 4 through May 20

Monster Hunter World has been well received by critics since its launch. TechRadar gave it a “Play it Now”...

May 11 · 6 sec read >

Buggy update crashes ankle monitors in the Netherlands

“As a result of a software update, a disruption occurred in data traffic during the electronic monitoring of ankle...

May 11 · 10 sec read >

Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping could devastate convenience and drug stores

Amazon’s free two-day shipping perk for Prime members revolutionized e-commerce. Online shopping had been around for years but the...

May 11 · 10 sec read >

TSMC reportedly preparing for volume production of Apple’s A13 SoC

According to Bloomberg, TSMC is gearing up for volume production with Apple’s A13 chip, set to power new iPhones...

May 11 · 10 sec read >

SEC approves ‘LTSE’ a stock exchange designed for developing tech startups

One proposed solution is a stock exchange designed specifically for tech companies with long-term prospects, and investors that understand...

May 11 · 10 sec read >