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Importance of certification courses in data analytics

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Data is the backbone of today's world. According to IBM, 80% of the world's data was generated in the last two years. In every industry like e- commerce, finance, health care, etc. a huge amount of data is generated every day. However, this data is not clean all the time. It has missing values. Sometimes data needs manipulation before analysis and sometimes it contains duplicate values. There are a few steps required to mine data from a database.Steps involved in Data Mining:Data mining is the process of deriving new information from preexisting databases. The steps involved in data mining are – data cleaning, data integration, data selection, data transformation, pattern evaluation and knowledge presentation.Data Cleaning and Data Integration:Data cleaning and data integration are initial tasks involved in the process of data mining. We can use various Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, etc. for the same. Data Selection and Data Transformation:These steps are undertaken after the completion of the data cleaning and data integration. When you are predicting or classifying a variable, it is not always necessary that all the data that you have might be important. It might happen that some information might be extra and not be required for the prediction of the independent variable. This is where the need for data selection pops up. This aspect of data cleaning is covered under feature engineering. We may also be required to transform the data into a given format. This concept of data format alteration comes under data transformation. Pattern evaluation and knowledge presentation: Pattern evaluation is the heart of data mining. After we have pre- processed the data, we need to derive a pattern between the independent and the dependent variable (the variable that we need to predict). There are many machine learning algorithms devised to do so. After we have derived an equation or a relation we can present it with the help of plots like line plot, scatter plot based upon the nature of the analytics courses in hyderabad Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad at 360DigiTMG is one of the life changing courses, as the data will be dealing with the entire world soon. Here at 360DigiTMG we are providing you with the best course agenda and experienced faculty for delivery the training. After course support by trainers and other data analytics mentors are there to give the correct direction to your career.

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