Chatbot existence in our day to day life | How does it work? |Type of Chatbots their benefits and disadvantages.

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Customer service is the top prioritized one for every business, without customer satisfaction, a business cannot run successfully. Similarly, to maintain a successful customer engagement is also difficult, this problem led to the invention of many new channels and one among them is a chatbot.

A chatbot is a conversational interface in the first place that doesn’t require human support to perform a particular task. A chatbot is a program enabled with Artificial Intelligence to do a conversation with voice or text in particular. It enables direct communication with the targeted audience. Chatbots can be incorporated well with Web, a mobile or messaging platform in particular. It empowers the conversation between humans and machines by understanding the context of human speaking language using natural language processing (NLP) algorithm which is a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) algorithm works under artificial intelligence which can understand human language. On the basis of regular techniques and theories, it makes the computer to understand the human conversation. In particular, the chatbot uses the NLP algorithm.

How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot is the best application of Machine Learning, it generally replaces or imitates human at the help desk. Firstly, when a customer has a query, they open the chat window to ask the question bot finds the perfect answer and reply it back within a fraction of seconds. As mentioned earlier chatbot imitates humans, the customer will not be able to realize that they are in conversation with bots. Chatbot improves its performance every time with its interaction. The chatbot services will rule the customer service sector by 2020s. To conclude, it will lead to a reduction in human resources.

Generally, the majority of bots fall between these 3 types of chatbots. Hence they are,

  1. Support Chatbot

  2. Skilled Chatbot

  3. Assistant Chatbot

Support Chatbot

Support Chatbots are majorly used in the customer support side these chatbots are intended to deal with a particular domain. Here, the support chatbots will be trained to answer the faqs of a company. The combination of AI with Natural Language Processing intends not only to interpret the question but also to answer them automatically. If the bot met with a different question for which it wasn’t trained it transfer the chat window to call center.

Skilled Chatbots

Here, they don’t need to know the contextual awareness. Skilled chatbots make living easier! It employed with speech functionality so that the user need not open the device every time. (Example: Turning on Fan is a human command for which chatbot performs an action). This makes human to perform multi-task at times. While building skilled bot its always important to focus on integration in the first place.

Virtual Assistant Chatbots

Virtual Assistant rules other bots: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are AI chatbots. They are Virtual Agent who also understand the meaning of a user’s word. This behavior makes these Chatbots to extend their conversation with humans. Virtual Assistant performs a difficult task. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) Algorithm that makes the chatbots to understand even the slang of a user and it improve its performance every time when it interacts.

Benefits of incorporating Chatbots

Firstly, it improves customer service and below as follows.

  • Enhances User Engagement

  • Keeping Up With the Trends

  • Monitoring Consumer Data

  • Enhanced Lead Generation

  • Personalized Experience

  • To targets a Wider Audience

  • Allows Sending of Relevant Push Notifications

  • Handling Capacity

  • Work Automation

  • 24/7 Availability

Service Streams

Below are the most important sectors which use chatbots for their business.

  • Health Industry

  • Retail Industry

  • Restaurant

  • Travel

  • E-commerce

  • Finance Industry

  • Banking

Drawbacks of using Chatbots:

Just like every invention chatbot does have disadvantages.

Zero decision-making – In the first place, Chatbots are not human and the thing which differentiates human and robots are our decision making power.

Increased Installation Cost – Chatbots are useful programs that help you save a lot of manpower by ensuring all-time availability. Most importantly, to incorporate with application and maintenance it costs a lot.

Time-Consuming – Chatbots are installed to speed up the response and improve customer service in particular. However, as discussed it improves performance with its every interaction to the customer, the time taking to self-update themselves is long.

Inability to Understand – Finally, due to fixed programs, chatbots can be stuck if any unsaved query is asked.

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