GPS outage could cost $1 billion per day, study finds

A state-sponsored study into the use of GPS in the US can answer that question. In the first day,...

Jun 15 · 10 sec read >

The first USB4-supported devices could arrive in late 2020

Back in March, we reported on the announcement of USB4: an upcoming USB standard based on Thunderbolt. It’s set...

Jun 14 · 7 sec read >

Facebook’s Habitat generates photorealistic homes to teach AI agents real-world navigation skills

The simulation is called Habitat. The researchers published a paper on it back in April with Cornell University, but...

Jun 14 · 7 sec read >

US adults are increasingly reaching for their smartphones to access the Internet

Americans of all ages are increasingly likely to go online using their smartphone. According to a new Pew Research...

Jun 14 · 10 sec read >

Steam’s ‘Remote Play’ feature lets you access your game library away from home

As game streaming services continue to make waves in the tech industry, many companies are starting to lean into...

Jun 14 · 10 sec read >

BenQ is adding an ePaper mode to its new monitors

BenQ this summer will launch two monitors with a rather unique feature. The BenQ GL2480 and the GL2780, 24-inch...

Jun 14 · 6 sec read >

Who launched the very first website?

Was it Stanford, Xerox, CERN or MIT?

Jun 14 · 1 sec read >

Square Enix has misplaced code for some of its older games

Google’s Stadia has ignited a firestorm of discussion involving the possibility of publishers making their back catalogs available through...

Jun 14 · 10 sec read >

Shenmue player discovers Street Fighter tribute hidden for nearly 20 years

Last year, a Japanese news outlet – per a former developer for the game – teased that a number...

Jun 14 · 10 sec read >

Budget RTX 2060 or Premium RTX 2060?

Today we’re going to compare the most affordable RTX 2060 graphics card you can buy right now to one...

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