Functional JavaScript: Building data structures from functions

In the past two columns, we’ve looked at higher-order functions and talked a little bit about the power of...

May 2 · 18 sec read >

Resolving the ‘invisible’ gold puzzle

In Carlin-type gold deposits, which make up 75% of the US production, gold does not occur in the form...

May 2 · 13 sec read >

Diving deep into water and energy trade-offs

Sometimes people don’t see the impacts of sustainability decisions beyond a balance ledger. That places poor in water or...

May 2 · 10 sec read >

Water found in samples from asteroid Itokawa

Cosmochemists have made the first-ever measurements of water contained in samples from the surface of an asteroid.

May 2 · 3 sec read >

Improved risk management for geothermal systems

Scientists report on a successful attempt to control induced seismicity during the deepest-ever hydraulic stimulation of a geothermal well....

May 2 · 11 sec read >

Nuclear ‘magic numbers’ collapse beyond the doubly magic nickel 78

Scientists have demonstrated that nickel 78, a neutron-rich ‘doubly magic’ isotope of nickel with 28 protons and 50 neutrons,...

May 2 · 13 sec read >

Russia signs law that requires ISPs to be able to disconnect from the outside internet

In February, we reported on Russia’s proposed law that would require country ISPs to be able to “completely disconnect”...

May 1 · 10 sec read >

Razer is turning its ‘Razer Toaster’ April Fool’s joke into a real product

While there’s plenty of debate surrounding whether or not tech companies should be making these jokes to begin with,...

May 1 · 10 sec read >

Google will soon offer auto-deletion tools for your search and location data

Tech companies have been forced to up the ante when it comes to user privacy lately, primarily due to...

May 1 · 7 sec read >

Intellivision Amico to get an new Earthworm Jim exclusive

Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 are Sega Genesis classics. When we reported that EJ had been added to the...

May 1 · 10 sec read >