Graphene provides an unexpected two-fold defense against mosquitoes

Graphene was once praised as a miracle material that would enable everything from faster computer chips to space elevators....

Aug 27 · 9 sec read >

Latest Radeon drivers enhance Control performance

AMD’s new set of Radeon Adrenalin drivers version 19.8.2 improve performance for Control (up to 10% running DirectX 11)...

Aug 27 · 6 sec read >

Kotlin 1.4 to improve null-check capabilities

Kotlin 1.4, a planned upgrade to the statically typed JVM language created by JetBrains, is set to add null-check...

Aug 27 · 33 sec read >

Microsoft is sending out invitations to a mysterious Surface event on October 2

Microsoft has several products in the works right now, including an entirely new Xbox console (dubbed “Project Scarlet” at...

Aug 27 · 10 sec read >

Facebook is testing Threads, a standalone messaging app for Instagram

Instagram is reportedly looking to launch a new companion app for Instagram called “Threads.” According to a report from...

Aug 27 · 8 sec read >

The BBC is developing its own voice assistant called Beeb

Digital voice assistants have become so popular that even public service broadcasters are jumping on the bandwagon.

Aug 27 · 3 sec read >

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes to PC and the Nintendo Switch on September 3

If World of Warcraft Classic’s recent launch isn’t enough to satisfy your desire for a nostalgic PC gaming experience,...

Aug 27 · 10 sec read >

Learn to love legacy systems

I’ve been corrected more than once. I’ve used the term “legacy system” in meetings and been quickly taken to...

Aug 27 · 39 sec read >

Get started with Microsoft’s new Chromium WebView control

Microsoft’s switch to a new Chromium-based version of Edge is well underway. The company has been offering Edge Insiders...

Aug 27 · 17 sec read >

IBM Trusted AI toolkits for Python combat AI bias

Researchers at IBM are developing ways to reduce bias in machine learning models and to identify bias in data...

Aug 26 · 33 sec read >