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Studies link earthquakes to fracking in the Central and Eastern US

Small earthquakes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Texas can be linked to hydraulic fracturing wells in those...

Apr 27 · 4 sec read >

Hubble snaps a crowded cluster

This sparkling burst of stars is Messier 75. It is a globular cluster: a spherical collection of stars bound...

Apr 27 · 9 sec read >

What’s new in Angular: Angular 8 release candidate is here

Angular 8.0, a forthcoming upgrade to Google’s popular framework for building web, mobile, and desktop applications, has reached the...

Apr 26 · 7 sec read >

Normir offers Python-based network-management automation

Nornir, an automation framework that uses Python directly, provides an alternative to other automation frameworks that use their own...

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2 reasons enterprises should look at Google Stadia

Google just announced a new gaming platform…yes, Google. It’s called Stadia, and the short version is that it’s a...

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JavaScript tutorial: Functional programming in JavaScript

JavaScript is a flexible language, allowing for all sorts of styles and programming paradigms. Although this breadth sometimes comes...

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Rust language project addresses loose ends

A 2019 roadmap for the Rust programming language, published this week, outlines a broad range of goals for the...

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