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WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins avoids prison in banking malware case

The British security researcher who is known for being the “accidental hero” that stopped the WannaCry ransomware hack in...

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Apple QC workers often hear bits of private conversations in Siri recordings

Apple has continually taken a hard stance on user privacy. Whether it is fighting law enforcement over encrypted data...

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Classic Doom trilogy gets modern console re-release

id Software during its QuakeCon 2019 keynote today announced it is bringing Doom (1993), Doom II (1994) and Doom...

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Trump says Apple won’t get tax waivers or cuts for new Mac Pro parts made in China

Earlier this morning, President Trump didn’t resist the temptation to tweet yet another loud message aimed at big tech,...

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NPM: Free public JavaScript registry will continue

Is the public NPM JavaScript package registry going away? NPM, the company behind the popular online repository of Node.js...

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For cloud support, enterprises should consider DIY

I took my relatively new truck to a dealership this week to diagnose, and hopefully fix, a rubbing noise...

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NetBeans 11.1 adds Java EE 8 support

Apache NetBeans 11.1, the first release in a new quarterly release cycle for the integrated development environment, builds on...

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IBM open-sources three AI projects dedicated to curing cancer

IBM has made three AI projects aiming to help cure cancer available to the open-source community. Cancer is estimated...

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Public cloud winners take all

It’s earnings season for the public cloud vendors and the chatter over who’s winning is heating up. Microsoft was...

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How to bring HA and DR to SQL Server on Amazon EC2

Dave Bermingham is technical evangelist at SIOS Technology. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story)

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