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Apple Card disallows jailbroken phones and cryptocurrency purchases

In preparation for the no-fee Apple Card’s arrival, Goldman Sachs posted the customer agreement on Saturday. The terms are...

Aug 3 · 5 sec read >

Facebook wants you to know it owns Instagram and WhatsApp with new “from Facebook” branding

When Facebook revealed its efforts to unify the underlying infrastructure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, everyone collectively sighed and...

Aug 3 · 7 sec read >

Intel abandons its 200Gbps Omni-Path networking fabric architecture

Despite Omni-Path continuing to be a popular solution – according to Intel, at least – several of Intel’s largest...

Aug 3 · 10 sec read >

FTC wants to see if Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram to thwart the competition

The Federal Trade Commission is keeping its promise that it will put every aspect of Facebook’s business under the...

Aug 3 · 10 sec read >

Verizon’s updated “Unlimited” plans are just as confusing as before

Verizon has unveiled an update to its unlimited plans that makes some things better and some a little more...

Aug 2 · 10 sec read >

Google will let Android users in Europe choose their default search engine starting in 2020

Starting next year, Google will offer Android users in the European Union a way to choose from a list...

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FCC bans international robocalls and automated text messages with fake caller IDs

Yesterday, the FCC revealed in a press release that its members have voted to restrict robocalls even further. From...

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The Outer Worlds will let you kill everyone you meet

We already know it will be possible to complete The Outer Worlds without killing anyone (or, at least, you...

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Razer’s newest accessory is an electric SUV

Chinese carmaker NIO announced on Friday that it has entered into a partnership with Razer and is releasing a...

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