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Rundown of Must-Have Portable Apps

#ThrowBackThursday Portable apps are lightweight versions of applications that don’t use an installer. Executables are contained within a single...

Dec 5 · 11 sec read >

Craigslist has finally received its own mobile app

Now, Craigslist is finally receiving its own dedicated mobile app, which has certainly been a long time coming. Craigslist...

Dec 4 · 11 sec read >

Nvidia: High frame rates could lead to significantly better K/D ratios in competitive titles

The GPU maker covers quite a bit of ground in its post, but we’d like to focus on some...

Dec 4 · 8 sec read >

Game developers reportedly confirm Microsoft will release two Xbox consoles next year

Last year, rumors surfaced that Microsoft’s Project Scarlett had two next-gen consoles in the works — the standard, high-end...

Dec 4 · 9 sec read >

BMW backtracks on decision to charge $80 annually for CarPlay access

Given the high price tags luxury BMW vehicles come with, the whole situation was laughable, to say the least....

Dec 4 · 11 sec read >

Samsung’s foldable clamshell could be reasonably priced

Industry sources familiar with the matter recently told the Korean Herald that the handset, which Samsung teased back in...

Dec 4 · 7 sec read >

The Nintendo Switch lands in China next week in partnership with Tencent

Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console has undoubtedly been a tremendous success for the game maker. The portable has already surpassed...

Dec 4 · 10 sec read >

Analogue Nt and Hyperdub launch a limited edition album on a Sega Genesis cartridge

The duo have created a limited-edition, Hyperdub-branded Mega Sg bundle consisting of an Analogue Mega Sg console, an 8BitDo...

Dec 4 · 9 sec read >

Apple is said to be releasing a new 12.9-inch iPad and 16-inch MacBook Pro with mini LED in 2020

Manufacturers have been experimenting with OLED displays on premium laptops, and while the results are impressive, we still have...

Dec 4 · 10 sec read >