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Using machine learning to estimate risk of cardiovascular death

Humans are inherently risk-averse: We spend our days calculating routes and routines, taking precautionary measures to avoid disease, danger,...

Sep 12 · 2 min read >

Kubernetes-native Quarkus Java ready for testing

Quarkus, Red Hat’s Kubernetes-native Java stack geared for cloud and microservices applications, is set to move to internal testing...

Aug 30 · 25 sec read >

What multicloud really costs

Multicloud is becoming the de facto standard. Indeed, a solid 84 percent of the respondents in the RightScale report...

Aug 30 · 24 sec read >

How Qubole addresses Apache Spark challenges

Traditional relational databases have been highly effective at handling large sets of structured data. That’s because structured data conforms...

Aug 28 · 12 sec read >

7 open-source tools that make AWS Lambda better

Serverless applications strip software down to the barest of essentials: one short snippet of code, invoked and scaled on...

Aug 28 · 16 sec read >

Ninja becomes the first pro gamer to be sponsored by Adidas

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on Tuesday announced an official partnership with German sportswear maker Adidas. Financial terms of the deal...

Aug 27 · 6 sec read >

Yelp updates its iOS app to include personalized search results

Yelp is introducing a way to tailor search results based on user preferences. Users can set various preferences based...

Aug 27 · 10 sec read >

Sprint expands its 5G network to four more cities

While Sprint continues to try to merge with T-Mobile, the company is lighting up more cities with 5G service....

Aug 27 · 10 sec read >

Google Maps will now suggest ridesharing, cycling options for ‘first and last mile’ transportation

Starting today, Google will integrate services like Lyft and Uber directly into its navigation system (if you wish to...

Aug 27 · 10 sec read >