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UK gov is among the ‘most prepared’ for AI revolution

The UK has retained its place among the most prepared governments to harness the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence....

May 21 · 2 min read >

93% of firms committed to AI – but skills shortage posing problems

According to new research from software provider SnapLogic, many firms have fully invested in AI but more than half...

May 21 · 1 min read >

Tencent is bullish on British AI startup

Chinese technology giant Tencent has led a $100m (£78.4m) funding round for promising British AI startup Dr Ling...

May 20 · 1 min read >

AI – To infinity and beyond? Let’s focus on wireless networks and cybersecurity first

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deemed to be one of the biggest technological innovations of this decade. However, like with...

May 17 · 3 min read >

UK government announces board members of AI Council

The UK government has announced the names of board members appointed to its dedicated AI Council. As one of...

May 16 · 1 min read >

ML algorithm predicts heart attacks with 90% accuracy

A machine learning algorithm claims to predict heart attacks and death from heart disease with a degree of accuracy...

May 14 · 56 sec read >

Underwater power generation

Underwater vehicles, diving robots, and detectors require their own energy supply to operate for long periods independent of ships....

May 13 · 13 sec read >

Shrinking moon may be generating moonquakes

A new analysis suggests that the moon is actively shrinking and producing moonquakes along thousands of cliffs called thrust...

May 13 · 10 sec read >

Just like toothpaste: Fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells

Solar cells made of perovskite hold much promise for the future of solar energy. However, the material degrades quickly,...

May 13 · 11 sec read >